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Two Seven Ventures, LLC is a private equity company that invests in low-carbon energy technologies and resources. Two Seven was founded in 2008 and is based in Aspen, Colorado. We provide early-stage capital to companies with high growth potential, strong intellectual property, or a unique operating advantage.

Two Seven Ventures invests in people, companies, technologies and resources that will accelerate society’s transition to lower-carbon energy use. We look for a strong business case in our investments and we appreciate opportunities that can claim a strong market pull, combined with an intellectual property or operating advantage. We typically invest in early-stage companies and then help where we can to see them through to positive cash flow and growth. We are active investors, using the experience and network of our professional staff to accelerate the growth the companies in which we have invested, lending a hand in corporate governance, and assisting in the shaping and launching of new products.

Two Seven Ventures’ investment philosophy is based our belief in inevitable trends. As CO2 emissions from fossil fuels increasingly perturb earth systems, and as human population doubles to 12 billion, with 80% of us migrating to cities, clean energy and more efficient food production will be a necessity and not a luxury. Economic cycles and political shifts will accelerate or delay the transition to a low-carbon energy economy, but the trend will be steady. Two Seven Ventures will make strategic investments within these trends. Of course, knowing the pace of change, and selecting winning technologies and companies, is the challenge. We will look to invest in companies with strategic operating advantages and, when appropriate, strong IP positions. Our investment strategy is to build a portfolio of companies balanced between development projects that generate cash flow and near-to mid-term exit opportunities, and longer-term investments to build value.

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