Any Organism Any Trait

At Primordial Genetics we build superior microbes with our genetic technology platform capable of significant productivity improvements.

We design and engineer high efficiency microbes to address global challenges in sustainable health, food, agriculture, fuels and therapeutics.

Our Function Generator™ technology allows us to improve any organism by creating novel protein architectures.

Constructive Biology

Primordial Genetics is the world leader in Constructive Biology; a revolutionary new way of practicing biotechnology.

Constructive Biology involves building new genetic components using existing coding sequences as building blocks.

Function Generator™ is broadly applicable and will drive improvements in numerous microbial species used across multiple industries.

Microbes were never equipped to keep up with global human population expansion.


Our global human population is growing at an alarming rate.

By 2030, the world’s population is expected to grow by one billion. At the same time, the climate crisis is worsening across the globe.

We’re evolving pure and natural biological technologies to make life on earth safer and more sustainable.

A Healthy Planet

Primordial Genetics is working to become a leading provider of genetic solutions for microbial improvement. Our ultimate goal is to be able to shape the genetics and characteristics of useful organisms rapidly and flexibly – like clay in our hands. Primordial Genetics also has unique and powerful protein engineering capabilities that are being put to use together with our partners to develop next-generation enzymes for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Sustainability & Productivity

We thrive in partnerships that improve industrial production organisms and systems in a variety of industries: pharmaceuticals, feed & food ingredients, renewable chemicals & fuels, food processing and agricultural biotechnology. Our internal R&D is focused on producing superior bacterial strains for amino acid and protein production. In particular, we are creating bacterial strains for producing L-Methionine, an essential and high-value amino acid used in animal feed.

Function Generator™

Primordial Genetics Inc. has developed Function Generator™, a novel combinatorial gain-of-function genetic technology designed to enhance productivities of microbes used for the production of proteins (therapeutic proteins, industrial enzymes) and chemicals / fuels / pharmaceuticals. Function Generator™ has been validated in baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and the laboratory bacterium Escherichia coli.

Genetic Optimization

Microbes are widely used for bio-production. Genetic optimization – creating improved strains of microbes for maximum efficiency and productivity – is currently difficult, slow and expensive. Function Generator™ is capable of dramatic improvement of productivities, tolerances and growth characteristics in production organisms to achieve economic and sustainable biological production systems.

Our Platform

Function Generator™

combines multiple enabling technologies for designing and engineering life forms to perform amazing biological functions.

This flagship technology is an entirely novel method to evolve the productivity of microbes and enzymes.

Function Generator™: No technology compares.

There. Is. No. Substitute.

Building Better Microbes with Function Generator™

Cost Reduction

Reduction in R&D cost

Lower commercial CAPEX and OPEX

Accelerated production runs translating into higher production capacity

Design flexibility due to use of inexpensive production hosts

Time Savings

Accelerated strain development

Transferable traits encoded by single genes

Higher phenotypic gain per improvement cycle

50-75% reduction in commercial strain development time

High Efficacy

Improved protein solubility & expression

Increased product titers and yields

Enhanced growth and stress/product tolerances

Improved enzymes and trait genes

Novel Products

Therapeutic proteins

Industrial enzymes

Trait genes

New IP and FTO

Our Targets

Our evolved organisms serve global markets with sustainable solutions for health, food, agriculture, fuels and therapeutics

Collaborate With Us

Our scientists have been hard at work creating and re-shaping microbes and enzymes that make animals more healthy, food more nutritious, fuel more efficient and therapeutics more effective

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