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Primordial Genetics was founded in 2011 with the goal of developing novel industry-relevant enabling genetic technologies, and building the premier company for microbial genetic improvement.

We are passionate about engineering superior novel microbes that lead to a healthy, sustainable planet.

Primordial Genetics has ongoing microbial improvement efforts in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Escherichia coli as well as other yeasts and bacteria.

Our Team


Sabrina Baffert

Senior Research Associate & Project Manager

Barbara Frey

Research Associate

Matt Goering

Staff Scientist

Alan Greener, PhD

Research Fellow
Dan Olson

Dan Olson, PhD

Senior Scientist
Karen Xu

Karen Xu, PhD

Director of Protein Expression

Helge Zieler, PhD

Founder and President

Board of Directors

Todd Mitchell

J. Todd Mitchell

Founder and President

Two Seven Ventures

Jamie Levine

Jamie Levine

Chief Financial Officer

Cidara Therapeutics

Dominick Mendola

Dominick Mendola, PhD

Senior Development Engineer

UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography
(Board Observer)



Jay M. Short, PhD

Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer

BioAtla LLC


Jeff Lievense, PhD

Strategic Advisor

Animesh Ray, PhD

Professor at Keck Graduate Institute

Leslie A. Hickle, Ph.D

Strategic Business Advisor

Claus Zieler

Pharmaceutical Industry Advisor



Bogumil Karas, PhD

President and CSO

Designer Microbes, Inc.


Abilita Bio

Biotechnology Industry


If you are highly trained in bacterial or yeast genetics and are passionate about developing new technologies that can help us create the next generation of superior organisms, please feel free to contact us to inquire about our current opportunities. Preference will be given to team players with a sense of humor and a love of fermented beverages, individuals whose “purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset and the baths of all the western stars”.

We believe in creating a creative and nurturing environment that allows for constructive and productive interaction of talented people. Good people in a good company will ultimately create superior products that will make a positive contribution to our society and to the health of the planet.


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Primordial World HQ

3550 General Atomics Court Building 2, Suite 400 San Diego, CA 92121


(858) 366-0770

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